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Roatan Shore Excursions - Island Tours and Attractions

Booking Your Tour

You have several options in how to arrange your Roatan tour. You may reserve activities directly with tour companies or contact your shore excursions team on your cruise ship. You may also hire your own ground transportation, and go to the attractions, and pay at the entrances.

Tourists arriving by cruise ships such as Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Costa Cruises, Oceania Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Regent Cruises may book island tours through the cruise lines, but may pay a substantial premium for booking through the cruise line.

If you book your island tour and shore excursion activities through an independent tour operator, you may save a substantial amount of money. Comparing prices is a good idea. The cruise line may charge a fixed amount per person, but independent operators tend to give a per person discount based on group size for the tour itself. If you use a travel agent, make sure your travel agent compares options prior to reserving your shore excursion.

Meeting Independent Tour Operators

When you arrive at the cruise docks, whether it is the Coxen Hole dock or the Mahogany Bay dock, you must leave the dock area to reach the lower cost, independent tour operators. The tours offered within the dock area are likely to be higher priced since the dock owner is a partner in the deal. Cruise lines may discourage tourists from leaving the dock area to meet tour operators because of their financial interest in having tourists book tours through the cruise lines.

Island Tour Pricing

Typical island tour pricing may be $60 to $80 per person for a 4 hour tour including a small visit to one attraction if you reserve through a cruise line. The same tour may cost $30 per person for a group of three plus the cost of the attraction itself, which is about $8 per person for attractions such as the Iguana Farm and $45 per person for zipline rides.

Tour Pricing Comparisons - Independent Tour Operator Savings Over Cruise Line Shore Excursions

5 Mar 2014

CompanyTourTour Time AllowedPrice 4 Adults (USD)Price 2 Children (5 yrs)Total Price *
Typical Independent OperatorIsland Tour8 hrs100Free100
Royal CaribbeanRoatan Island Tour and Highlights - RT573 hrs 15 min248104352
NCLSightseeing3 hrs 30 min276138414
CarnivalCarambola Gardens & Island Tour3 hrs 30 min24060300

* Prices may vary based on sail date and other factors. Please check cruise line, tour operator and attraction websites for the latest pricing. Check for seasonal discounts as well, which may not be available through the cruise lines.

The cruise line company operating Mohagany Bay has been distributing information warning tourists about crime on the island. In so doing, they have been successful in steering business away from the private tour operators. The cruise line has a financial interest in keeping tourists on tour line property and having those who do decide to go on island excursions to use tour operators which are under contract with the cruise line rather than independent operators.

Submarine Rides

Roatan offers a deep diving tourist submarine in West End. A variety of dive tours are offered, from 1000 to 2000 feet deep. You may choose a dive that is focused on marine creatures or on deep sea coral. Dives may last 1.5 to 9 hours, depending on which you choose. The shark dive is made more exciting as the shark takes bait offered by the sub within a few feet of your window.

Scuba Diving

Roatan is well known for scuba diving. A coral reef surrounds the island. Dive sites include colorful coral walls, caverns, channels, and canyons.

Prince Albert, a freighter, was sunk in 1985 for divers and offers scuba dives in the 25 - 60 foot range. A plane fuselage rests nearby. El Aguila sunk near Utila, and was relocated to Roatan for divers. It is a 220 cargo ship which has broken into pieces during Hurricane Mitch. Odyssey rests in 110 feet of water and is the largest sunken ship available for Roatan divers.