Roatan restaurants


Roatan restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, from island dishes to international foods. Island dishes may include seafood, rice and beans mixed together, fried or boiled plantains, and coleslaw. Island flavored meat is often prepared in an oily sauce with mutton pepper.

Seafood is widely available in the island's restaurants. Coconut shrimp is highly recommended. Conch soup is delicious, and gives you a taste of the island's cuisine. Steak lovers, make sure the steak is flown in from the US. Honduran beef is not aged the same way that USDA choice beef is aged.

Restaurants on Roatan vary drastically in price, quality, and nationality of cuisine. This guide is intended to help you find what suits your palate. Enjoy your meal!


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Restaurant Reviews

RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Kismet Western Tip Kismet restaurant rating Kismet service Kismet food selection 9-31
Sea food, pasta, steak, salads, chicken, sandwiches.
Kismet of RoatanKismet of RoatanKismet of RoatanOpen air, sea front restaurant. Artfully decorated with carved wood columns. Fries were not the best. 2014-09-16
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Thirsty Turtle West Bay Thirsty Turtle restaurant rating Thirsty Turtle service Thirsty Turtle food selection 6-15
Seafood, sandwiches, salads, island, chicken, pasta, pork.
Mandatory tip. 2011-05-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Mangiamo Deli and Market West Bay Mall Mangiamo Deli and Market restaurant rating Mangiamo Deli and Market service Mangiamo Deli and Market food selection 5-9
Sandwiches, salads, Burgers, breakfasts, party trays and smoothies. Oriental, Indian spices and condiments.
Mangiamo Deli and Market of RoatanMangiamo is a good deli. The meats are well displayed, the breads are fresh, the food is nicely presented and the service is excellent. The prices reasonable. 2012-08-07
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Light House West End Light House restaurant rating Light House service Light House food selection 12-30
Primarily seafood with a few chicken and beef dishes available.
Light House of RoatanWe had fish on a plank. The fish was well prepared but a small portion. The vegetables could have been better. Great place to watch the sunset. 2013-07-01
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Argentinian Grill West End Argentinian Grill restaurant rating Argentinian Grill service Argentinian Grill food selection
Argentinian barbeque, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, hamburgers, sandwiches.
Argentinian Grill of RoatanArgentinian Grill of Roatan A mixed review. We had the Sunday barbeque special for L500, which serves two people. The fries were fried in old oil and the pork tasted freezer burnt, but the beef was excellent. The chicken was very tender. Plenty of salad for two. A little problem on the bill - the conversion to dollars gave a total of 4 cents over the even dollar amount, so the lady rounded up 96 cents to the next dollar. Seating under a roof, but open air with a sea view. The wifi was for resort guests only, not restaurant patrons. 2011-04-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Le Bistro West End Le Bistro restaurant rating Le Bistro service Le Bistro food selection 5-21
Vietnamese and Thai - seafood, chicken, pork, curry, sweet & sour.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Tong's Thai Island Cuisine West End Tong's Thai Island Cuisine restaurant rating Tong's Thai Island Cuisine service Tong's Thai Island Cuisine food selection 12-18
Thai, seafood.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Roatan Rick's West End Roatan Rick's restaurant rating Roatan Rick's service Roatan Rick's food selection 5-21
Chicken, curry, seafood, steak, burgers.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Eagle Ray's West End Eagle Ray's restaurant rating Eagle Ray's service Eagle Ray's food selection 5-21
Chicken, seafood, beef, pasta.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Hot Dog Hut West End Hot Dog Hut restaurant rating Hot Dog Hut service Hot Dog Hut food selection 1.5-5
Hot dogs, subs, salads and daily specials.
Hot Dog Hut of RoatanThis is a good choice for an inexpensive and tasty meal. We had a bacon dog and it was good. My companion had the Polish sausage, potato and sauerkraut; it was very good. The Hut is right on the beach road. 2012-07-28
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Splash Inn West End Splash Inn restaurant rating Splash Inn service Splash Inn food selection 8-19
Italian, kabobs, seafood, pasta, pizza.
Splash Inn of RoatanSplash Inn of RoatanSplash Inn of RoatanOpen air seating with a view of the sea. Portion size good. Fries taste need improvement. Salad should be on a separate dish. Gave poor exchange rate if using dollars. 2012-12-12
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Pisco y Nazca West End Pisco y Nazca restaurant rating Pisco y Nazca service Pisco y Nazca food selection 10-25
Peruvian - seafood, lamb, steak, pork, chicken.
This is fine dining at a reasonable price. We shared a crab appetizer, a lamb special of the day and a desert. All were well prepared and presented. We had lamb enough to take some home. The restaurant, including the bathrooms, was spotless.

Nice decor. Delicious bread for appetizers, but too small. The steak had a chili flavor but was very good. The shrimp and fish were excellent. A 15% tip was automatically added. I prefer to decide the tip myself. Very friendly proprietor.

It's worth the drive to get something different and delicious. 2012-12-22
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Linga Longa West End Linga Longa restaurant rating Linga Longa service Linga Longa food selection 18-28
A nice selection of seafood and meats in upscale presentations.
Linga Longa of RoatanChoices include Seabass, Lobster, Pork Medakilions, Duck and Lamb. Excellent selections of appetizers too. One of the few restaurants on the island to offer a separate lunch menu. Offers indoor seating in inclement weather. 2013-01-19
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Monkey Island West End Monkey Island restaurant rating Monkey Island service Monkey Island food selection 8 - 18
Tex Mex
Monkey Island of RoatanMonkey Island of RoatanA very good selection of traditional Tex Mex and some dishes with an island twist. We enjoyed a Burrito, chicken wings with crispy fries and some of the best seafood soup on the island. 2013-09-03
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Lionfish Louie's West End Lionfish Louie's restaurant rating Lionfish Louie's service Lionfish Louie's food selection 5 - 10
Primarily fried fish and shrimp, a few chicken dishes.
Lionfish Louie's of RoatanThe Lionfish was quite good. We were disappointed in the sides. The beans and rice was heavy on Chinese Five Spice and the cole slaw was not very flavorful. Nice ambiance, on the deck overlooking the water. Great prices. 2013-08-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
el Boske West End el Boske restaurant rating el Boske service el Boske food selection 4-15
Seafood, Chinese, sushi, pizza, steak, sandwiches, island style.
el Boske of Roatanel Boske of Roatanel Boske of RoatanOutdoor dining under shaded pavilions. In the heart of West End, one of the safer areas of Roatan. Relaxed atmosphere. Comparitively good value for the money. The garlic shrimp was delicious! 2014-09-17
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Pizza Mira just east of West End Pizza Mira restaurant rating Pizza Mira service Pizza Mira food selection 8-13
Clay oven Italian pizza.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Half Moon Bay just east of West End Half Moon Bay restaurant rating Half Moon Bay service Half Moon Bay food selection 10-22
Sea food, chicken, pork, beef, pasta done island style.
Half Moon Bay of RoatanExcellent food. We had the grilled sea bass and the shrimp kabob. The fish was delicious. Nice Key lime pie for dessert. Great place to be entertained by Stanley's converted sailboat which is being used as a swing. Good view of the sunsets. Not crowded. Give it a try. 2012-10-21
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Blue Bahia Sandy Bay Blue Bahia restaurant rating Blue Bahia service Blue Bahia food selection 16-26
Sea food, smoked meat, barbeque, sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, pasta, steak.
Blue Bahia of RoatanBlue Bahia of RoatanThe smoked, barbeque ribs were delicious but the fries did not taste that good. Fish was fairly good. 2013-12-13
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Deep Ted's Sandy Bay Deep Ted's restaurant rating Deep Ted's service Deep Ted's food selection 8-25
Seafood, chicken, salads, roasted pig.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Blue Parrot Sandy Bay Blue Parrot restaurant rating Blue Parrot service Blue Parrot food selection 7-11
Seafood, curry, steak, burgers, chicken, salad, BBQ.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Hungry Kiwi Lawson Rock Hungry Kiwi restaurant rating Hungry Kiwi service Hungry Kiwi food selection 8-20
Sandwiches, salad, soups, breakfast, lamb, beef.
Hungry Kiwi of RoatanThe Kiwi is spotlessly clean, the kitchen is visible from the dining room. There is a choice of inside seating with air conditioning or on the patio with a small view of the sea. For those of us who love lamb and well prepared beef, The Kiwi is well worth a visit. The prices and portions are good and its one of the few places on the island with a reduced price lunch menu. Free Wifi is available. You can call for the list of the specials that change almost every day. 2445 3295 2011-10-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Gio's Flowers Bay Gio's restaurant rating Gio's service Gio's food selection 10-38
Gio's of RoatanGio's, one of the island's best up-scale restaurants, has recently opened in a new location. They are on the Southern shore, closer to West Bay and West End. You will enjoy great breezes and nice views. The afternoon we were there we saw two cruise ships go by. But, it's all about the food. Most visitors come for the crab. The warm water crab has a fairly thick shell so you will use the mallets and probably make a bit of a mess, but it's worth it. Also try the calamari and shrimp dishes, they're great. My favorite is the calamari a la palancha. Cooked on the grill with pickled ginger on the side. Be sure and order extra garlic bread. The portions are generous and you will have a choice of several ways of preparing the dishes. They are closed Mondays. Open 10 am - 3pm and again at 5pm to 10 pm.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Island Taste Restaurant Coral Cay Island Taste Restaurant restaurant rating Island Taste Restaurant service Island Taste Restaurant food selection 5-10
Salads, soups, sandwiches, seafood, chicken.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
China Palace Mount Pleasant China Palace restaurant rating China Palace service China Palace food selection group pricin
Chinese, steak.
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Gio's French Harbor French Harbor Gio's French Harbor restaurant rating Gio's French Harbor service Gio's French Harbor food selection 9-39
Chicken, steak, sea food, soups
Gio's French Harbor of RoatanGio's French Harbor of RoatanGio's French Harbor of RoatanSeaside with both outdoor and indoor settings. Very good coconut shrimp. Excellent service. Served margarine rather than real butter for potato. 2012-12-14
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Sky Pizza French Harbor Sky Pizza restaurant rating Sky Pizza service Sky Pizza food selection 11-17
Pizza, Pasta, Carpaccio, Salads
Sky Pizza of RoatanSky Pizza of RoatanWe had a Quatro Fromage Pizza, a salad and Tirimisu. More than enough for two people. The views of French Harbour from this hill top restaurant are worth the trip and the food was excellent. There were many other interesting pizzas and pastas on the menu and we are looking forward to trying some soon. 2013-03-26
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Jack's Harbor View Grill French Harbor Jack's Harbor View Grill restaurant rating Jack's Harbor View Grill service Jack's Harbor View Grill food selection 10 - 18
Sea food, ribs, chicken, pasta, pizza.
Jack's Harbor View Grill of RoatanJack's Harbor View Grill of RoatanLocated at the former Yacht Club. Relaxing view of the sea, hills and shrimp boats. Outdoor and indoor seating available. Delicious catch of the day - sea salmon. 2013-12-14
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Frenchy's 44 French Cay Frenchy's 44 restaurant rating Frenchy's 44 service Frenchy's 44 food selection 12-28
Pasta, island style, lobster, steak, sandwiches.
Frenchy's 44 of RoatanFrenchy's 44 of RoatanFrenchy's 44 is a new restaurant just East of French Harbour on the road to the Iguana Farm. Kave, the owner, was there to greet us. We asked about the number 44 and were told it's his lucky number. The setting is exactly what you would want for an island style restaurant. The main dining area is a large deck over the sea with excellent breezes. The views are spectacular. The restaurant is done island style sprinkled with interesting antiques, including a crystal chandelier handing from the thatch roof. You can also take their launch out to a private island and enjoy a beautiful white sandy beach and a host of water toys, parrots and monkeys. The staff was very well trained; all had name tags on their matching shirts. The presentation of the food was beautiful and very appetizing.

The portions were generous and the prices very reasonable. Kids menu at $3. Appetizers $3-$8. Sandwiches $7-$8, entrees $12-$28 and deserts all at $3. There is something for every one and every budget. We went for lunch and had a quesadilla and fish tempura appetizer then a fish sandwich anda steak sandwich. We shared a Coconut Flan for desert. They have a wide choice of dinner entrees from pasta to interesting island style chicken dishes, fresh lobster and steaks. They usually have daily specials but not on the day we visited. We were looking forward to eating there, as Carl, chef from The View, is doing the cooking. We have always found his food to be outstanding. Unfortunately the taste of our choices was our only dissatisfaction. The four items we tried were all prepared properly but three out of four of the items we tried were bland and the steak sandwich very tough. Kave's attention to detail is evident everywhere. Frenchy's has only been open for about a month and we will give it another try a bit later. We know Carl can do better. 2011-11-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Palapa Grill Parrot Tree Palapa Grill restaurant rating Palapa Grill service Palapa Grill food selection 6-29
Appetizers, hamburgers, sandwiches, sea food, ribs, chicken.
Palapa Grill of RoatanPalapa Grill of RoatanWe had the buffet, which is only available on cruise ship days. The buffet selection was poor for the price, almost $18 per person before tip. Good grouper. The hot barbeque wings were room temperature. Well seasoned mixed vegatables - broccoli, carrots, onions, sweet peppers, and native squash. Fruit punch drink came with the meal. Outdoor setting. Friendly service in Spanish or English. Overpriced. 2012-04-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Cal's east of Parrot Tree Cal's restaurant rating Cal's service Cal's food selection 11-15
Beef, seafood, chicken.
Cal's of RoatanThe building is not complete but what is done is very comfortable. Nine tables below, six on the main floor and two in the garden. Outstanding views, refreshing breezes and excellent food at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for? Carl, the chef, was previously at The View, one of our favorite restaurants. We enjoyed quesadillas and chicken wing appetizers priced at about $7. Carl's signature Mahi-Mahi fillet with lime cream sauce at $11 was outstanding. We also tried the 10 oz. beef, perfectly prepared and very tender. All entrees served with fresh vegetables and potatoes. Deserts at $3 included Island Lime Pie and Banana cake with raisons. 2012-03-15
RestaurantLocationQualityServiceSelectionPrice USD
Turtle Shack Calabash Bight Turtle Shack restaurant rating Turtle Shack service Turtle Shack food selection 8
Pork, lasagna, beef, island food, etc.
Turtle Shack of RoatanTurtle Shack is a new restaurant in Calabash Bight. The menu is limited to a Plato del Dia (plate of the day). This week it was roast pork tenderloin, baked potato with all the fixin's. Last week a choice of traditional lasagna with garlic bread or Mexican lasagna with a side of beans. Every meal includes a delicious salad, usually with various nuts, dried berries and cheese. All for only Lps. 140. Turtle Shack is a nice mid-week adventure. Many sail-boaters hang out there and the food is good. Mark and Lori make their own breads and hot sauce. Access is only by boat. You can catch a water taxi in Oak Ridge. Just west of BJ's is "Jesse's Parking Lot". Jimmy, a water taxi driver, watches for vehicles and charges 120 Lps round trip per person. He has a group rate for 3 or more, call him at 9652-7141. Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-6:30. You can call Mark and Lori at 8950-7588. 2012-02-15