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Roatan has two cruise ship docks on the south side of the island - one at Coxen Hole and on at Mahogany Bay. The international airport is also in Coxen Hole. The ferry which provides passenger service to La Ceiba, which is a city on the mainland of Honduras, is near the Mahogany Bay cruise dock.

The western end of the island is more developed with more tourist attractions. The eastern end is more deserted. Old Port Royal was the site of a pirate strong hold in the old days, and is hauntingly quiet today. The eastern most portion of the island is accessed by boats since no road is available. The public road ends a little east of Camp Bay.

Oak Ridge has a number of homes which are only reachable by boat. Boat tour operators wait for tourists. Punta Gorda has a large Garifuna population. The western portion of Punta Gorda tends to speak Garifuna, whereas the eastern portion speaks English.

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