Customs requirements travel Roatan Honduras

Honduras Entry Customs

Visitors travelling to Roatan should know about customs requirements of those entering Honduras before packing for the trip.

Duty-Free Visitor Belongings - You may bring items that are for your personal use on your visit or for you to conduct your profession or trade without paying import duties assuming the items are appropriate for your trip. The items may not be for commercial use such as goods for resale.

Mission Supplies - If you bring goods that are donations for mission efforts, bring a letter from your church stating that the items are not for resale but are donations to aid the poor. Make sure the letter has an official looking stamp, such as a notary public stamp. Having the letter on an official church letter head will help.

Loaded with Money - If you are bringing more than 10,000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, stock certificates, financial instruments, gold bullion, or pirate's loot, you must declare that money on your customs declaration form. By the way, if you are bringing that much money to Roatan, simply write for good advice on how to spend it!

Household Goods - You may bring up to $500 worth of personally owned items duty free. Computers are duty free assuming they are not intended for resale. This information is not guaranteed. Duty information can vary depending on who you ask.

Food Products - This area is unknown and very difficult to determine from government officials. Word from the Honduran Embassy in Washington DC is that meat is prohibited to enter the country unless you are in the business of importing meat. In the past, there were weight limits that allowed visitors small portions of various types of food, but be aware that customs officials may confiscate your food upon entry. If a hungry looking customs official confiscates your T-bone steaks, simply ask to borrow a lighter and let him know you would like to grill and eat that steak on the spot.

Spearguns - Scuba divers should not bring spearguns. They are prohibited on the Bay Islands and will be held at the airport until you leave the country.

Autos - You may choose to ship your vehicle to Roatan for a prolonged stay. Ninety day permits are granted by the customs office. Extensions can be granted. These permits allow you to drive here without paying import duty on the vehicle and without having a Honduran tag.

Pornographic materials are prohibited.

Some of the documentation required for importing goods into Honduras.

Shipping Household Goods to Honduras - To get the approximate import duty on household goods shipped to Roatan, add the cost of the goods and of the cost of shipping, then multiply by 27%. You must have original receipts to give to Honduran customs officials proving the cost of the goods being shipped. There is a fine if you provide copies of receipts. A duty free shipment is granted with certain types of residency. If you are getting residency here, apply for your duty free shipment at the same time you apply for your residency.

Illegal Drugs - People caught with illegal drugs are dealt with harshly in Honduras. Police search people without requiring any due cause for a search. Expect to spend time in a Honduran jail if you have illegal drugs here. Honduran jails are not as comfortable and luxurious as those in the States.

Prohibited Exports - Archeological items such as Indian pottery are not to be removed from Honduras. Please make sure any souvenir that you buy is a replica, not a historical artifact. Please respect the heritage of Honduras and allow future generations to enjoy archeological treasures properly preserved in museums.

Honduras law protects the reef. The reef is a part of a complex eco system which sustains a host of sea life. You may not take coral from the country.

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