Honduras Communication

Communication in Honduras

If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a local chip for L100 or so. You then buy air time and have local cell phone service. Tigo, a local cellular service provider, tends to spam customers unmercifully with text messages, announcing promotions and trying to sell ring tones etc. If you do not have an unlocked phone, you can buy a phone for $15-20, but phones must be registered with the government to curb criminal activity, so you must fill out paperwork to buy a phone.

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International Phone Calls to Honduras

United States phone carriers may charge very high prices per minute to call from the US to Honduras. It is much more economical to prepay for phone calls using a competitive international carrier, but some of these services do not work well. Travel-Roatan recommends Boss Revolution for calling Honduras from overseas.

To place a call to Honduras from the United States, dial 011, then the country code for Honduras which is 504, then the phone number. To place a call from Honduras to the United States, simply dial 001 then the area code and phone number.

Phone Directory for Roatan and the Bay Islands
Time Difference Between Honduras and Other Cities of the World

Roatan has fairly good cell phone coverage on most of the island. Coverage may be poor in areas shielded by steep hills.