Roatan Climate


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Roatan Climate
Many Beautiful Sunny Days per Year
Roatan Climate

Roatan has a hot season and some rainy seasons. Although it is humid year around, rain fall can be scarce during the hot season, resulting in many beautiful, sunny days. During the rainy seasons, there may be several downpours in a day, beginning and ending abruptly. Unlike other areas of the world that stay overcast and rainy for days on end, Roatan can change quickly from rainy to bright sunshine, even during rainy season. Don't let rainy season prevent you from coming. There is no guarantee that it will rain on any given day, it is simply that the likelihood of encountering rainy weather is much greater during rainy season.

The first rainy season is during June and July. The winter rainy season is from October to February. Strong winds can accompany the rain and cooler weather, making a jacket necessary at times during the rainy season.

The weather varies from a little cool to hot and muggy on Roatan.

Accurate weather data is available for Tegulcigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, but Tegulcigalpa's weather is much different than Roatan's. Tegulcigalpa is in a mountainous region inland, far from the sea. Roatan is milder since it is a narrow island influenced by the more constant temperature of the sea.

Tegulcigalpa, with an elevation of 3094 feet, is no cooler than 47 F and no warmer than 89 F 99 percent of the time. Data taken from ASHRAE.

Rain gear is recommended, especially during the rainy seasons.

Sand fleas are especially bad in beach areas during times of weather changes. Bug spray is recommended, but not all types are effective on sand fleas. Sand fleas (also known as sand flies) leave red splotches on the skin.